About Me

I am Elaine Lewis, an experienced counsellor and educator, specialising in work with children and adolescents in the areas of emotional self-regulation, anxiety management and relationships. With an extensive background in the educational sector within the UK and NZ, I am aware of the importance of and impact that learning and schooling have on our young people's mental health and wellbeing.


I enjoy working with children and young people that present with their many ‘hats’. Sitting with our young people and supporting them to know and understand this trial and error stage in their lives. Working with parents in a family therapeutic space to support families in understanding their young people is an essential part of my practice. 

In my practice, I work alongside clients who present with anxiety, stress, depression and anger issues. I support those who wish to address low self-esteem and confidence, body image issues and gender identity issues. I also work with clients who are looking for personal growth and support to build their resilience.

I am a counsellor because there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone discover their potential and freedom to become who they want to be.

As much as I adore counselling and education,

I also know I need to breathe and self regulate myself. So aside from seeing my clinical supervisor every three weeks, I believe the recipe for unwinding as a counsellor looks a bit like this:

  • One cute but cheeky Lakeland Terrier

  • One cup of fresh seaside air

  • A dash of pure New Zealand Sunshine

  • Many cups of warm, strong, English tea

  • A Spotify Subscription 

  • And a loving partner and children that understand the time it takes to unwind and breathe (also a cheeky tub of icecream from time to time!).


The cheeky Lakeland Terrier puppy and I