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I am Elaine Lewis (Driver), I work with adults, couples, young people and families mostly in the areas related to emotional self-regulation, anxiety management and relationships (couples/families). I offer tailored counselling focusing specifically on YOU and what works for you. I work with individuals who are feeling stuck and help them to move forward. I’m proudly person-centred, placing relationships and relatability at the forefront of my practice.  


I have an extensive background in the Psychology field, my honours degree in Psychology led to me teaching Psychology and later working alongside psychologists in mental health space. My Masters's in Counselling has led me to love this time private practitioner, in which I have built a specialism in young adult counselling, couples therapy and women's psychological well-being.


My adult diagnosis of ADHD increased my passion for creating sessions that are neurodivergent focused, recognising how to help ADHD brains thrive in a flexible and relaxed session.  I am also an ADHD coach, working with people, couples and women to understand diagnosis and treatment pathways, as well as coaching strategies in managing the challenges. 


There is never a perfect time to seek support. A common thought is "My issues are not bad enough to seek counselling"...this may be an avoidance thought, especially if your anxious brain is currently shouting the loudest! Most research shows the earlier we reach out the better the outcomes, so instead, maybe ask yourself "What have I got to lose"?

As much as I adore counselling and education,

I also know I need to breathe and self regulate myself. So aside from seeing my clinical supervisor every three weeks, I believe the recipe for unwinding as a counsellor looks a bit like this:

  • One cute but cheeky Lakeland Terrier

  • One cup of fresh seaside air

  • A dash of pure New Zealand Sunshine

  • Many cups of warm, strong, English tea

  • A Spotify Subscription 

  • And a loving partner and children that understand the time it takes to unwind and breathe (also a cheeky tub of icecream from time to time!).


The cheeky Lakeland Terrier puppy and I

About Me

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